LUZ DO SOL * After the rain(release 2023)

1. The Bolero 2. The rainbow connection 3. Grooming 4. Rosie’s Lullaby 5. Flow of a river 6. After the rain 7. My voice, my life 8. Voice of the mountains, voice of sea 9. Fragrance of Kudzu 10. One more time

This new album was recorded at studio near Lake Yamanaka on another end of June, season of new green leaves, just 4years after the recording of previous album“LUZ DO SOL * Gentle Rain”. During this new recording, I had lovely and wonderful days there. We recorded songs written by myself, some Japanese songs, American, and Brazilian. I believe our music touches the heartstrings of an audience. Thank you for enjoying our works ! September, 2022

Kimiko Hirata



LUZ DO SOL is a unit of Takeshi Shibuya and Kimiko Hirata.

It was February 2nd, 2002 they play together first time at “Goodman” Ogikubo, Tokyo. From 2007 to present, The unit have been offered for playing once or twice in a month. Kimiko said, ”Mr.Shibuya took me to many venues throughout Japan including jazz club and live music space in metropolitan area. Each time we play together, this duo has been getting deeper and meaningful, I believe.”

Takeshi Shibuya(Composer, Pianist)

Also known as one of greatest jazz musician in Japan, he is working mainly on Shibuya Takeshi Orchestra. His published pieces won a number of jazz disc awards. He gains strong trust of many great singers such as Maki Asakawa, Mari Kaneko, Mishio Ogawa. As a composer, he has worked on various fields including movies, CM pieces, NHK’s programs for kids and so on since 1960s. He won major movie award called “Japan Academy prize” and other awards. Also, he writes many songs for singers. Among those, Saori Yuki’s “Ikigai” and “Hatsukoi no oka” got a smash hit.